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Since 2022 Naouma Kourti from the JRC SciArt team has been spearheading a Community of Practice on SciArt in Education, involving creatives, professionals and academics in this field. The group meets on a monthly basis and they have been engaging in a series of discussions and presentations on their respective work and initiatives in the field, as well as topics such as post-growth, knowledge valorisation and transdisciplinarity. 

If you work in education and are interested in the intersection of art and science in your practice, please get in contact with Naouma. 

More about the Community of Practice on Science and Art in Education below


To foster trans-disciplinarity in middle and higher education by collecting, developing and sharing good Art&Science&Humanities practices


•To introduce SciArt practices in middle and higher education 

•To embrace complexity and unpredictability in education as opposed to determinism and reductionism 

•To allow for spaces of trial, co-development and transformation in the educational system and to welcome failure and error as means of surprise and opportunities of learning

•To embed diversity, responsibility and interdependencies in future technologies including attention for disable and the non-human

•To cherish Nature’s ways of generating and sustaining life


  • Education 
    • A collection of Methods & Pedagogies for transdisciplinarity
    • New Transdisciplinary Courses
    • Rethinking Education
    • A handbook for transdisciplinary practices
  • Academic
    • A transdisciplinary journal
    • Accessible publications
    • Transdisciplinary epistemologies
  • Crosscutting
    • EU funding
    • Recruiting members
  • New Tools
    • Space for critical thinking, experimentation and failure
    • A time machine to appreciate the present
    • A SciArt encyclopedia
  • CoP profiling
    • Branding
    • Communication
    • Getting to know each other
    • Platforms
    • Wikis

Presentations & Discussions 2024

Presentation of the non-profit foundation Carano4Chldren by Alessandro Carano | 24/01/2024 | Link to website.

First ideas of a complexity map by Cvetana Ivanova | 24/01/2024 | Download the presentation.

Exploring spaces for inspiration, connection and transformation by Julia Bentz (University of Lisbon) | 22/02/2024 | Watch the recording here.

Education in the Era of AI by Daniel Villar-Onrubia (JRC) | 20/03/2024 | Watch the recording here.

Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research for the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences by Bianca Vienni Baptista (ETH Zurich) | 20/06/2024 | Watch the recording here.


Presentations & Discussions 2023

Art Science Vision by Amanda Jane Ozin-Hoffsaes | 17/01/2023 | Watch the recording here.

Complexity by Piero Dominici | 21/02/2023 | Watch the recording here.

Transdisciplinary Studies in The Netherlands by Robin van der Akker | 24/04/2023

Muinin Catalyst Sustainable STEAM by Anita McKeown | 24/04/2023 | Watch the recording here.

Artist Led Learning by Tatiana Chemi | 18/05/2023 | Watch the recording here.

Innovative Business with Arts by Chiara Paolino  | 18/05/2023

PostGrowth by Sofia Greaves  | 15/06/2023 | Watch the recording here.

Transdisciplinary Studies in Porto Polytechnic University by Clara Sarmento | 17/07/2023 | Watch the recording here.

Re-framing STEAM by Victoria Vesna with discussion | 27/09/2023 | Watch the recording here.

SciArt at OsloMet University by Kristin Bergaust | 18/10/2023 | Watch the recording here.

Transdisciplinary Insights Honours Programme by TinhTam Nguyen on behalf of the Institute for the Future | 15/11/2023 |Watch the recording here.

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Meet the members of the Community of Practice on Science and Art in Education!


Naouma Kourti profile picture for Community of Practice on Education
Naouma Kourti 

JRC SciArt project

Anita_McKeown profile picture for Community of Practice on Education
Anita McKeown

University College Dublin

Guna Nadarajan profile picture for Community of Practice on Education
Gunalan Nadarajan

University of Michigan 

Rocio Garcia Robles profile picture for Community of Practise in Education
Rocio Garcia Robles 

University of Sevilla           


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pETER Purg 

University of Nova Gorica

MAST Module 

Clara Sacramento profile picture for Community of Practice on Education

Clara Sarmento 

Polytechnic University of Porto 

Centre for Intercultural Studies

kristin bergaust profile picture for website
Kristin Bergaust

OsloMet | 

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Piero Dominici

University of Perugia

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JD Whitman

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Michael Hoch


Tatiana Chemi profile picture for Community of Practice on Education
Dr Tatiana Chemi

Aalborg University 

Website |

Sofia Greaves profile picture as Visiting Scientist
Dr Sofia Greaves

Postgrowth Lab, Vigo University

Website |

Eva Durall profile picture for Community of Practice on Education
Eva Durall Gazulla 

Oulu University (INTERACT)           

federica de molli profile picture for community of practice on education
Federica de Molli

BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo 

Julia profile picture for Community of Practice on Education
Julia Bentz

Art for Adaptation 

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TinhTam Nguyen

KU Leuven           


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Miguel Santos

Laboratory in Design and Artes | ESAD.CR – Politécnico de Leiria 

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Alan Boldon