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Beyond Resonances, the SciArt project is engaging in a variety of initiatives.

  • events


Keep up to date with all the events at the intersection of Art Science and Policy that organised by JRC SciArt and our partners.

  • artistic residencies

Artists @ JRC 2021-2022

Continued artist residencies with JRC scientists after the Resonances III festival. 

  • sciart in education


During the Summer School we began our exploration of SciArt and Education, with experts from the field.

  • visiting scientist

Visiting Scientists at JRC SciArt

Find out more about the Visiting Scientists hosted by JRC SciArt to further scope into different aspects of art, science and policy collaborations. In Spring 2023 we welcomed Dr. Sofia Greaves in researching the potential of art-science collaborations for generating new narratives for innovation which go beyond capitalist values and the the logics of economic growth.

  • Climate action project

The Sky in Me

The Education for Climate Coalition has taken up the project The Sky in Me, first developed by artist Anais Tondeur for Leonardo4Children from her work for JRC SciArt in Resonances II.