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The effect of climate change on natural disasters

A project being developed in the framework of Resonances IV on NaturArchy.    

Project description

Large landscape painting from a slab of metal by Athena Latocha in exhibition space
It Came From the North, 2021, credit Athena Latocha

“I am interested in how climate change is intensifying the natural forces of nature that can fuel storm surges, droughts, fires, and land erosion/collapse, and the affect that has upon human experience. Growing up as a Native American (of the Lakota and Ojibwe Nations) in the wilderness of Alaska, I understand the intrinsic connections between Native Ways of Knowing and how our origin stories can ground us in place. I understand how connection to place influences our human experience.

My work will be interpretive, inspired by a direct, personal response to a site or sites. I never start a project assuming an outcome. I find my direction from the site itself and through the re-experiencing of the fieldwork in the studio. My process begins by first visiting the environment to conduct fieldwork, collect material samples, collect documentation of the site, and spend time in that environment. To identify markers, features, and event that trigger a personal response."


Athena LaTocha's process begins with deep observation of and research into the land in which she is working, which informs her artistic approach on all levels. Alan Belward is head of the Food Security Unit in the Directorate for Sustainable Resources in the JRC. Athena and Alan first met at the SciArt Summer School on NaturArchy which took place in June 2022 at the JRC in Ispra and connected later on in the summer as the project was thought of.