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Call for proposals - Art and the digital: Unleashing creativity for European water management

The importance of water and water quality has been recognized by the European Union. The primary legislation governing action here is the EU Water Framework Directive. The EU’s Green Deal also recognizes these challenging goals set out by the EU Water Framework

It sets them into a wider set of areas it wants to tackle. 

Among its priorities, it includes:

  • protecting our biodiversity and ecosystems
  • reducing air, water and soil pollution 
  • moving towards a circular economy 
  • improving waste management 
  • ensuring the sustainability of our blue economy and fisheries sectors

In that view, developing new ideas and approaches that can contribute to achieving progress in this very important area seem crucial. This is where putting together art, philosophy, science, and technology could play a crucial role in the creation of new solutions and ways of looking at the problems, and thereby driving positive changes. 

Consortia are invited to propose concrete ideas at the nexus of art, digital, and water how an alliance of digital experts, artists and stakeholders in water can achieve the goals outlined in section 1. The work should build upon the results achieved in the previous STARTS Water calls (STARTS4Water 1, and STARTS4Water 2). However, so as not to overlap, the topics chosen need to be different from those of STARTS4Water 2 (the topic tackled there is linked to ports).

More information about the call and relevant documentation online.


Call for proposals - Art and the digital: Unleashing creativity for European water management - open call website landing page with text and details

The action will work on three objectives: 

STARTS residencies - Artistic experimentation with key technologies and their uses. 

STARTS Sylloge – A narrative on new approaches to address water challenges. 

STARTS water community - Develop a community (beyond the project consortium) at the nexus of art, digital, and water that can contribute to a new thinking in policy, business and society on sustainable water use.

  • The project should tackle challenges linked to water, for example the loss of biodiversity in water systems, and/or resilience in these systems, as well as a variety of other potential issues. 
  • The project should use new innovative techniques and technologies (for example artificial intelligence, IoT, immersive technologies, and/or high performance computing (HPC)). 
  • The project should incorporate perspectives from different disciplines, including art, philosophy, science, and technology. 
  • The project should build upon work already done in previous STARTS Water calls. 
  • The project can incorporate different countries and regions around Europe, but a particular focus should be paid on Central and Eastern Europe, and the Nordic countries.

International Residency Programme - Fluid Boundaries: The Interplay of Water, Art, Science, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Fluid Boundaries: The Interplay of Water, Art, Science, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems - open call website main page, text and details on how to apply

Fluid Boundaries: The Interplay of Water, Art, Science, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems brings together participants from South Africa, Brazil and Switzerland in a transdisciplinary collaboration situated at the intersection of art, science and indigenous knowledge with a strong focus on decolonial practice. 

The Fluid Boundaries residencies aim to honor and critically examine and engage with the role that water plays in different disciplinary practices and beyond. By bringing together participants from the arts and sciences, and from different types of knowing and knowledge production, we hope to deepen ongoing examinations of questions on the ecological crisis, the separation of human and non-human life, the political and societal legacy and continuities of colonialism, as well as the aesthetic potentials of water – be it solid or fluid, abundant, scarce or absent. 


The project brings together artists and scientists through 3-months art-science residencies in research labs in the respective partner countries. This process will be informed, mentored, questioned and supported by indigenous knowledge convenors and the curators. 

Interested artists from South Africa, Brazil and Switzerland may apply for one of the 3-month art-science residencies starting in March 2025 at the scientific partner institution in their home country.The deadline for the call for applications is on the 14th of July 2024. The project aims to bring the artist into contact with both a physical laboratory and an intellectual space to provide a creative environment for substantial transdisciplinary work. 

The project will initially identify the support and standardisation needs of climate services, including criteria for certification and labelling, as well as the user-driven criteria needed to support climate action. This information will be used to propose taxonomy of climate services, suggest community-based good practices and guidelines, and propose standards where possible.

More information about the application online.

Application Form.

Application deadline: 14th July 2024.

RepliFate Artist-in-Residence Call

The European Marie Curie Network RepliFate - tackling the duplication of the DNA in cell identity and cancer - is seeking 3 artists-in-residence eager to work with the research groups specialized in DNA replication, cell fates and cancer research. 

The Artist in Residence programme involves specifically the younger generation: the PhD students in the RepliFate Marie-Curie network

The RepliFate Consortium consists of 12 hosting institutions across Europe. Please find all the hosting organizations here.

Logo for Replifate Open Call advertisement

Each artist will primarily work on one of the themes that emerged from the diverse individual projects. The three themes are: "Faces of Stress and Malignance", "(In)Stability and Damage Repair", and "Transformation through Replication". One artist will be selected for each theme. The residency (hybrid) residency phase will stretch 2024-2025. 

Find all the open call details and further information on how to apply here.

Open Call Climateurope2 art+science residency

Visual for Open Call for CPN - taken from CPN

Climateurope2 is a five-year project funded by the Horizon Europe Programme, dedicated to supporting and standardising climate services in Europe and beyond. Climate services represent generation, translation, transfer and use of climate information and knowledge. The project aims to enhance the uptake of quality assured climate services to support a green recovery and a resilient, climate neutral Europe, in response to climate change and variability. 

The project will initially identify the support and standardisation needs of climate services, including criteria for certification and labelling, as well as the user-driven criteria needed to support climate action. This information will be used to propose taxonomy of climate services, suggest community-based good practices and guidelines, and propose standards where possible.

The "Climatised Art & Science Service Call” call invites artists and researchers to collaborate, producing digital content that educates and inspires climate action and utilization of climate services, research and data in South-East Europe. The open call offers one residency opportunity and is open to individual artists or artist duos/groups/collectives. 

The Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN), based in Belgrade, Serbia, serves as a hosting organisation of the residency. The residency process will last between January and June 2024, for a period of up to 6 months. The period for in-person presence will be discussed and agreed upon with the CPN team, depending on the requirements of the residency and the project.

More information online.

Guidelines to apply.

Application Form.

Application deadling: 14th November 2023.

Open Calls for Applications at Pro Helvetia

Pro Helvetia currently has opened several calls for applications in various artistic disciplines (literature, performing arts, interactive media, music, visual arts, art, science and technology). On offer are grants for creation, production, promotion and research.

In addition, applications can be submitted for various formats in all artistic disciplines throughout the year. Further information can be found in the guidelines on the website.

More information & apply here - deadline: September 1 2023.


Open Call thumbnail logo for WE

Pro Helvetia promotes the production and dissemination of contemporary Swiss arts and culture projects with a view to diversity as well as national and international reach. Such projects are also meant to enhance knowledge exchange across artistic and non-artistic disciplines and to provide society with creative stimulus and access to critical thinking. 

More about the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.  

Open Call – S+T+ARTS in the City

S+t+arts_in_the_city residency logo

With S+T+ARTS in the City, we aim at enhancing art-driven innovation at local level and human-centered technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, new digital media, smart cities, high performance computing, data science, or biotechnologies, that will be able to put in the market products and services that have a positive ecological, societal, and ethical impact. By combining arts and creativity with science and tech for good, S+T+ARTS in the City will contribute to the emergence of ecologically conscious technology uses that answer the current challenges that regions are facing, in sectors such as green manufacturing, sustainable urban development, security, recyclable textiles, digital literacy, and more. Read more 

The S+T+ARTS In the City consortium is composed of GLUON (BE) (Coordinator), Ars Electronica (AT), Hac Te (ES), INOVA+ (PT), Kersnikova (SI), and MEET | Digital Culture Center (IT). 

S+T+ARTS In the City launches a new S+T+ARTS residencies programme that aims at enhancing art-driven innovation at local level and human-centered technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, new digital media, smart cities, high performance computing, data science, or biotechnologies, that will be able to put in the market products and services that have a positive ecological, societal, and ethical impact.

S+T+ARTS In the City supports 11 artists through 11 Regional S+T+ARTS Centers, distributing a total amount of EUR 840.000 in the coming year. 

Read the full Open Call & apply here - deadline for applications: 25th August 2023

ZKM OPEN CALL »Sonic Experiments«

With »Sonic Experiments«, the ZKM | Hertz-Lab awards scholarship for composers having a focus area in the field of electronic music and sound art as part of its artist-in-residency program.  

The ZKM | Hertz-Labor offers international composers and artists the opportunity to apply in three different categories/genres and submit project proposals to realize new works. All works can be audiovisual. 

The duration of the residency for realizing the production at ZKM | Karlsruhe should be 4 weeks. Possible dates for the residencies are between mid-September and the presentation at the end of October 2023 and will be arranged individually. The duration of the work to be realized should be 10 to 20 minutes. The works produced during the residency are expected be premiered in a concert on October 27 at the ZKM_Cube in the presence of the composers.

More information & apply here - deadline: July 16 2023.


zkm cernter for art and media karlsruhe logo

In its work, ZKM combines research and production, exhibitions and performances, collections and archives, mediation and events. Through interdisciplinary connections of these fields of work, ZKM as an agile organization can present and produce the development of art and media of the 20th and 21st centuries.

More about the ZKM.  

About the ZKM | Hertz-Lab.

IDSA x Ars Electronica Founding Lab

Apply Now (text) - open call poster

IDSA (Institute for Digital Science Austria) was founded in 2022 and dedicates its research and teaching to all dimensions of digitization and its transformative impact on science, art, society and business. The university is based on interdisciplinarity and inter-university collaboration. Read more  

Ars Electronica has been involved in the digital transformation since 1979. The focus is never on technological progress per se, but on the question of its political, social, ecological and economic impact on us as individuals and on our society. Embedded in a worldwide network of artists, scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and activists, Ars Electronica drives this research forward in and with as broad a public as possible. Read more

With the FOUNDING LAB, the Institute of Digital Sciences Austria (IDSA) and Ars Electronica are launching a prototype lab that explores new forms of artistic and scientific engagement with digital transformation, and want to incorporate such strategies into the shaping and operation of a pioneering university. This collaborative prototype aims to identify and develop innovative approaches and formats that effectively foster the analysis and co-creation of the digital transformation. It seeks to transcend boundaries between disciplines and bridge the gap between art and science, encompassing all facts of digitalization. 

The FOUNDING LAB is open to anyone who applies to the Open Calls at until July 3, 2023. In early July, IDSA and Ars Electronica will select 75 students and 15 fellows and invite them to Linz.

Read the full Open Call & apply now - deadline for applications: 3rd July 2023

Apply as a student - pdf here

Apply as a fellow - pdf here

EIT Culture & Creativity Calls for Proposals

EIT Culture & Creativity is calling for your proposals to be included in the Business Plan 2024–25. 

We invite you to take part in shaping the first foundations of our emerging ecosystem with activities in the different areas of EDUCATION, INNOVATION, CREATION and SOCIETY. 

With these first Calls – together with you – EIT Culture & Creativity will lay the foundations to unleash the transformative potential of CCSI across nations, disciplines and the wider society, to spearhead the Triple Transitions – the digital, green and social transformations – because we believe: the Cultural & Creative Sectors & Industries will be one of the main drivers of a liveable and sustainable future!

Read the full call & apply - deadline extended to 21 August 2023 - pdf here.


Visual concept for EIT Open Call - digital edit of lightbulb

EIT Culture & Creativity is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). We are a Knowledge and Innovation Community designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) by connecting creatives and organisations to Europe’s largest innovation network.

More about EIT Culture & Creativity

COALESCE Residency 2023–24

Coalesce - Centre for Biological Art Logo

Coalesce: Center for Biological Arts ( is a hybrid studio laboratory dedicated to enabling hands-on creative engagement with the tools and technologies of the life sciences, and is a major facet of the Genome, Environment and Microbiome Community of Excellence (GEM) at the University at Buffalo. Coalesce is currently accepting proposals for Biological Art residencies. 

More about Coalesce 

Application form - deadline for applications: 31st May 2023.

We accept 2–3 residents (or collaborative teams) per academic year. A residency is active for the entire year, however actual periods in residence will vary and should be mutually agreed upon by Coalesce and the artist. Residencies span a minimum of one month and we encourage residents to stay for two or three months as they will likely be learning many new techniques and biological experiments often require long incubation periods. UB is committed to diversity and inclusivity and encourages applicants from traditionally under-represented groups to apply. 

Each residency will receive technical support, access to laboratory equipment, an artist fee of $1,500, up to $1,000 in laboratory materials and supplies, and up to $1,000/month for up to two months ($2,000 maximum) toward travel and accommodation costs.

Culture Moves Europe Call for individual mobility of artists and cultural professionals

Culture Moves Europe’s first call for individual mobility targets artists and cultural professionals working in the following sectors : music, literary translation, architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, visual arts and performing arts. It offers mobility grants for applicants legally residing in a country that participates in the Creative Europe Programme and travelling to another Creative Europe country.

Apply here - deadline fo applications: 31st May 2023.

Read more about the grant.


culture moves europe logo with text and image

Culture Moves Europe is a scheme that supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals. It is part of Creative Europe’s Culture strand. They offer grants for individual mobility of artists and cultural professionals as well as residencies.

More about Culture Moves Europe.

Scholarships for Artists at the Resilienze Festival Summer School

Poster for LA SCUOLA DI RESILIENZE FESTIVAL in Bologna (title and details)

Three scholarships are currently available for the Scuola di Resilienze Festival for artists researching and working on how artistic languages can help explore the intrinsic complexity of the climate and environmental crisis, creating spaces of perception, empathy and imagination, and who would like to share and integrate their knowledges with tools, visions and more oblique outlooks on sustainability, climate change and the Anthropocene. 

These scholarships are funded by the Hera Group, the main sponsor of the 2023 edition of the Resilienze Festival.

More about the Resilienze Festival.

Apply here - deadline for applications: 31st May 2023.

The Resilienze Festival Summer School (7th – 11th June, Bologna) is conceived as a formative process for those looking to make changes towards a more balanced way of living between humans and Nature, between systems of production and consumption and of healthy co-habitation between forms of life on Earth. 

It has been thought of as a public square, a round space, a zero to be filled in, with awareness that, if the urgency of the issue drives us to find solutions, we can reclaim the need to pose questions, to build environments through which to observe, problematize, question the relationship between man, nature and culture.

Open Call for Artists: GRIN S+T+ARTS Residency

GRIN is looking for artists to who can provide critical reflection, and envision future potential and solutions that can address the digital and ecological transition in Europe. 

The GRIN residencies are focused on addressing four main themes, which include Green and Blue Infrastructure, Circular Solutions, Climate Neutrality, and Well-Being and Sustainable Living. The aim of the residencies is to produce an art-driven experiment of stimulating the uptake of digital technologies, either by EU citizens and companies, to address social, business and sustainability challenges.  

The GRIN residencies will be hosted in six different regions across Europe, addressing both local and European challenges. The program offers a unique opportunity for artists to collaborate with leading experts in science and technology, developing innovative solutions for sustainable living in Europe and beyond. The residencies will be hosted by local partners who will provide guidance and mentorship to the selected artists.

More information and how to apply here - deadline for applications: 26th June 


OPEN-CALL poster for GRIN (title and details)

GRIN recognizes the significance of digital technologies in shaping the future of society and business. However, it believes that the design and development of digital solutions should prioritize building trust and acceptance among the public.

GRIN shares this commitment and aims to encourage the integration of artistic practices with science and technology to contribute to Europe’s efforts in transforming its circular economy. In this regard, GRIN invites artists to apply for its Residency programme to explore innovative ways of integrating technology and art to create sustainable solutions for the future. 

More about GRIN & S+T+ARTS.

Synergies: Support for research-based programmes by Pro Helvetia

Rays of light branching out - logo for pro helvetia open call

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is looking to support research-based and process-oriented programmes that foster exchange between art, science and technology involving organisations in Switzerland and across the world.

More about the Pro Helvetia.  

Apply here - deadline for applications: 2 October 2023.

From hackathons to fellowships, from residencies to think tanks – the Synergies open call offers support of CHF 20,000 – CHF 150,000 for international collaborations and encourages programmes which spark new approaches, methodologies and connect knowledge from different contexts.

If the following applies to your envisioned programme, it fits the open call:

  • You are looking for a frame in which you can test, build and further develop research- and process-oriented formats at the intersection of art, science and technology.
  • Your programme enables meaningful international collaboration, besides developing and strengthening new and existing networks between art, science and technology.
  • Your programme is aimed at artistic and cultural practitioners through activities such as networking, residencies, research and exchange formats.

Open Call: »Sonic Spaces 2023« by ZKM | Hertz-Lab

zkm cernter for art and media karlsruhe logo

More about the ZKM.  

Apply here - deadline for applications: 29th January 2023.

The ZKM | Hertz-Labor offers international artists the opportunity to apply in three different categories and submit project proposals to realize new works. The selectable categories include:

  • Live Coding with a clear focus on sound and music with or without visuals.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) with acoustic or audiovisual works that in some way address AI or use AI in their creation, for example in the production, processing or organization of the sounds..
  • Acousmatic Music and Spatial Sound for multichannel acoustic or audiovisual fixed media works using spatial sound as a design tool that are designed to be performed in the ZKM_Klangdom. For spatialization, the free software »Zirkonium« developed at ZKM can be used, but does not have to be.

Call for Papers: European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research & Innovation

The European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research & Innovation is currently accepting papers for the Annual Conference (June 14 - 16, 2023) on the theme of Research with Impact.

Track 4 “The emotions and art of the societal impact of research” calls for full or early-stage articles on the relationship between the societal impact of researchers (including artistic research) and their emotions, their use of art to achieve impact and the representations of the quest for impact in popular culture. 

More info on the track here.

espri conference logo - thumbnail

More about the ESPRI Call for Papers.

Apply here with  a preliminary abstract. Deadline is 23rd January 2023.

Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research 2023

transmediale art & digital culture logo with text

In cooperation with the Vilém Flusser Archive at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK), transmediale is calling for proposals for the annual Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research.

The Vilém Flusser Residency Programme for Artistic Research calls for transdisciplinary artistic research projects that explore emerging social concerns in culture. The two-month residency programme supports proposals for projects and works at different stages of development, from first conceptual steps to significant advancements of already existing projects and works. The jury for the Vilém Flusser Residency 2023 consists of Anita Jóri, Nora O Murchú, and Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal.

The residency programme is a cooperation between the Vilém Flusser Archive at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and transmediale – festival for art and digital culture Berlin.

Apply here - deadline for applications: 30th November 2022.

More about transmediale.

ISEA 2023 Call for Proposals on Symbiosis

28th International Symposium on electronic art digital creation - creative industries - cultural innovation. France - May 16-21 2023. 

ISEA2023 is a symbiotic event: trans-disciplinary (including visual arts, theater, music, design, cinema, sociology, philosophy, economics, engineering, mathematics, biology, and more) and inter-sectorial, concerning the arts, creatives industries, research, and citizenship more widely. ISEA2023 invites artists, designers, academics, researchers, innovators, and creators to contribute to the conversation on our symbiotic world.


ISEA 2023 symbiosis logo with text

More about ISEA and the themes and details in ISEA2023’s call for proposals.

Apply here - deadline for academic proposals: 9th December 2022. 

Open Call for Connect India Arts at CERN and Pro Helvetia

CERN and Pro Helvetia open call for Connect - advertisement image with text

Arts at CERN announces a new open call for artists from Switzerland and India. 

Arts at CERN and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia announced today a new open call for the Connect programme – “Connect India”.

This second edition offers one joint residency for two artists, one from Switzerland and one from India. The residency is fully funded, and it is aimed at artists with a distinct interest in a cross-disciplinary approach and a strong engagement with fundamental science.

View the call on the Arts at CERN website and the Pro Helvetia website.

Online applications for Connect India opened 3rd November 2022. Deadline for applications: 12th December 2022. 

More about Arts at CERN

More about Pro Helvetia.

Call for proposals: AR#1 Aquaculture

The call by Atelier Luma for proposals for AR#1, focused on aquaculture, is now open. We welcome your proposals for articles, projects, creative writing, visual works, or any other kind of contribution suited to print publication.

In AR#1 Aquaculture, we want to interrogate the notion of utility by shifting our point of view, and observing our world and the challenges facing it through the lens of aquatic environments.


acquaculture open call logo with text

AR is a bilingual (French-English) publication, available in print and digital forms. Each of AR’s six issues will be structured around a different theme, with its own call for proposals.

Apply here - deadline for proposals: 19th December 2022.

More about Atelier LUMA

Call Researcher-in-Residence at KinderKunstLabor

call for researcher in residence - logo with text

The KinderKunstLabor is a learning institution. Experiences and insights from educational processes are applied to the realm of education and curating in a certification center developed specifically for this purpose in cooperation with a university network.

This is achieved with the Researcher in Residency through an examination of current discourses and practices that are focused on phenomenological approaches, spatial aspects in art production, curating and art education for and with children.

Closely intertwined with this, fellows will conceive and implement qualitatively based research projects that accompany ongoing projects of the KinderKunstLabor.

Apply here - deadline for applications: 31st December 2022. 

More about KinderKunstLabor.

Call for Applications: Indigenous Artist-in-Residence

The Department of Visual Arts at Western University (CA) is seeking applications from emerging to established artists for the one-year Indigenous Artist-in-Residence (IAiR) program. This program will support a First Nations, Métis, or Inuk artist in the research, creation, and production of new artistic work.

The IAiR will work closely with the Department of Visual Arts and undertake community engagement or other outreach activities, that could include (but are not limited to) artist talks, workshops, studio visits, collaborating with the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, and exhibiting at the ArtLab.

western university logo - thumbnail

Duration: 8-12 months.

Apply here - deadline for applications: January 5th 2023.

More about Western University.


EMB Artist-in-Residence Programme

EMB ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAMME Logo with text and mushroom logo

EMB’s artist-in-residence programme ‘EMBracing the Ocean’ provides grants for individuals from any creative discipline including creative communications, visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, and installation art. 

During a 12-month residency, the awardees will produce and disseminate a new piece of work, or series of work, through a two-way co-design process with Ocean scientists. The work should focus on any Ocean science topic relevant for sustainable development, inspire wide reaching societal change for Ocean sustainability by expanding societies’ understanding of the Ocean’s value and the urgency of ensuring its health and resilience now and into the future.

The call for the 2023 - 2024 programme will be launched on 9 January 2023 and will be open for applications until 20 February 2023. More information here.

More about EMB.

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