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Ocean Connections

A project being developed in the framework of Resonances IV on NaturArchy.   

Project description

The flow of the oceans influences many processes in ecosystems of the sea across the globe which affect all life forms in the sea. Ocean Connection is based on Kristin Bergaust’s artistic research project Oslofjord Ecologies. In collaboration with Guillermo García-Sánchez, Bergaust will investigate how mathematic modelling of sea currents can let us relate to the fjord and its living processes and lifeforms from perspectives not available to our human perceptions. Could we learn to use our senses to connect more deeply to the environment by employing knowledge and technology to experience what we can’t sense through art?


Ocean Connections still
Image credits: Kristin Bergaust

Scientific Background.pdf
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Ocean Connections is benefiting from the generous support of the European Commission's department on Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Kristin Bergaust is an artist, researcher and professor at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design in OsloMet. Guillermo García-Sánchez is a Scientist at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT) in the Applied Mathematics department. Kristin and Guillermo first met and connected at the @SciArt Summer School on the topic of NaturArchy which took place in June 2022 at the JRC. Since then they have continued their collaboration to formulate a project proposal, a collaboration which also included a visit by Guillermo to the Oslo fjord with Kristin.