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A project being developed in the framework of Resonances IV on NaturArchy.    

Project description

Anthos visualisation 2
Image credits: Y. Kranidiotis, S. Nester, G. Randazzo

Anthos is an immersive, interactive sound and light installation that highlights the importance of pollinators and demonstrates our anthropocentric effect on them. With a goal to uncovering potentially hidden secrets about the plant-pollinator network and its functions, this installation is designed on the principles of complex theory. The final work will be an ever-changing data visualisation/sonification model of pollinator systems with audience input options. Participants inside this installation will affect how the network behaves — changing the audio and visual outcome.

Yiannis Kranidiotis’ artistic practice involves the use of light, motion and sound. Sam Nester is an Australian born, New York City based musician. Giovanni Paolo Randazzo is a multimedia artist based in Bogotá. Alba Bernini is an environmental engineer working on networks and epidemic models. Irene Guerrero Fernandez is a geoinformatician and agricuiltural ecologist. Ana Montero Castaño is an ecologist working in pollinators and pollination interactions. The group first met and connected at the SciArt Summer School on the topic of NaturArchy which took place in June 2022 at the JRC.

What drives this project?

I'm working with insects, with  scientists and Colombian nature especially with lepidoptera and moths and biodiversity. So I connected with the idea with this priority from the European Commission for the next years which is talking about  food security, the fact that probably we're not going to have some food in the future because of the populations of pollinators going down. 

And so when we meet scientists, we figure out that we're in a moment in which we really need each other. I think the scientists are feeling that through art, they can also do things. And for us as artists we feel that we need scientists to create something powerful. It's something that has been happening all this time. It's hard, but I think it's necessary.  And I think this need goes in the direction of really making teams that can really change things.

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Giovanni Randazzo, Artist