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Resonances I Artworks

Browse through the artworks produced for the Resonances I edition, FOOD at the occasion of the Universal Exhibition EXPO 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Some of these were showcased at subsequent events and exhibitions.

Discover also artworks from other Resonances editions and spin-offs post Resonances exhibited at the JRC in Ispra, the MuST in Milan in 2017 and the BOZAR Museum in Brussels in 2019.


Inconvenient Tree_Front_2015 10 13 - Resonances-NS-23_Resized_Square.jpg

The Inconvenient Tree
MazeOfKnowledge_2015 10 13 - Resonances-NS-19 I_Resized_Square.jpg

Maze of Knowledge
Geo_Engineering_Umbrellas_2015 10 13 - Resonances-NS-19 I_Resized_Square.jpg

Soils_Detail_Pending Panels_LDM_201510_Square.jpg

Resonances_Mathematics of Food_Sunflower_ATS_201510_Square.jpg

Mathematics of Nature
Water_With Flour Mountains_DSC01522_Resized_Square.jpg

Mapping Water
Animal Escape_ 2015 10 13 - Resonances-NS-19_Thumbnail_Square.jpg

Animal Escape
Food Futuring_Detail_Bottles_2015 10 13 - Resonances-NS-15_resized_banner_Square.jpg

Food Futuring Tours
Art in the Lab I_2015 10 13 - Resonances-NS-19 I_Thumbnail_Resized_Square.jpg

Art in the Lab @ JRC
Living Room_Alf Alone_DSC01525_Resized_Square.jpg

The Living Room

FOOD sustainable DESIGN