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NaturArchy Media Archive

Leonardo LASER Events

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On NaturArchy

NaturArchy Presentations of Residency

ocean connections

Ocean Connections 

The Entanglement of Desert Water
Composting first slide (2).


These Relations Are Forever 

anthos pres

nonhuman nonsense jrc

Haunted Waters
plastic magnitudes

Plastic Magnitudes
claus intro slide

Politics in Disguise 

Specter[al]s of Nature
tipping point

The Tipping Point
Lament for grid

on many worlds for video archive

Invisible Seeds 

JRC SciArt Events

Sofia presentation tile

Sofia Greaves on: "Art & Science for Postgrowth"
Pelizzon tile

Alessandro Pelizzon on: "Towards an Ecological Jurisprudence"
Oron Catts introduction slide

Oron Catts on: "Post Promethean Art"             
celine cover slide

Cèline Charveriat on "NaturArchy"


Summer School Conference Recordings


na green deal

nature and law

human nonhuman agents

new european bauhaus

sciart applied

horizon scanning

gregoire dubois


vibrations matter

steam ecology

reindeer herding

sandra coecke

frank dentener

giacomo grassi

circular gaia

public engagement

blue mirror

lucia iglesias blanco

personal value of nature

it depends

chris watkin




Changing the Ground Talk Series 2021-2022

derrick cover slide

Changing the Ground
cover picture michael john gorman

What next for Science Commiunication?
Francesca Ferrando cover slide

Who's Afraid of Artificial Intelligence
wendt cover image

Quantum Theory as Critical Theory
derrick metaverse

Not the Metaverse, the "Metacity"
nicola triscot

Re-thinking Race, Identity and Migration
dominici intro slide

Educating to inhabit hypercomplexity
Ariane cover slide

The Magic of Making Sense/s
chris watkin

Renewing our Mental Models