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Main milestones of the Resonances Festival, from 2021 to 2023 and beyond. 


Early 2024 | Artwork prodcution

Artworks by the selected artists are currently in the production phase

Spring 2024 | NaturArchy Exhibition

The full exhibition will be set up in a major European venue - full details to be communicated. 

Spring 2024 | Catalogue

An exhibition catalogue, including texts by the artists/scientists/policymakers participating in NaturArchy, as well as invited authors, weaving together and diving into the narratives of NaturArchy.



Mar-Sept 2021 | Brainstorm (Past)

Following a JRC-wide campaign, the theme for Resonances IV, NaturArchy, was decided upon by the SciArt Team and launched both internally within the JRC and with our external Board of Experts.

Sept-Dec 2021 | Brainstorm (Past)

We called on JRC researchers, policy makers and staff members interested in working with artists or collaborating with the SciArt project.

Dec 2021 - Feb 2022 | Open Call for Artists (Past)

We published the Call for Artists for Resonances IV, targeting artists and creative professionals across the globe working at the intersections of art-science-policy on topics such as deep ecology, sustainability, biodiversity, climate change and nature decolonised.

Mar-April 2022 | Selection of Artists (Past)

Successful artists were selected and announced.

Feb-May 2022 | Call for Researchers & planning (Past)

The SciArt team actively reaches out to discuss the theme with any interested Researchers &  Policymakers, who are always invited to get in touch.

June 2022 | Summer School (Past)

From 20th to 24th June, the JRC was home to a 5-day Summer School where researchers, artists and policy-makers met and discussed on the theme of NaturArchy.

Catch up on the conference recordings.

June-Aug 2022 | Proposal submission (Past)

Summer School participants had until the 31st August 2022 to submit proposals for the production of art-works, resulting from the collaboration of an artist with scientists and/or policymakers.

Sept-Nov 2022 | Selection & Validation of proposals (Past)

Proposals were evaluated by the core SciArt Curatorial Committee, then validated by the SciArt Expert Board, to guarantee the quality of the selection and the scientific soundness of the selected proposals. 

Winning proposals were communicated on 18 November 2022.

Selection criteria were communicated in the December 2021 Open Call.

Jan - June | 2023 Residencies

Artists whose proposals are selected are invited to come for a two week residency period on any JRC / EC site, to develop their project with their collaborators.

Find out who our artists in residence for 2023 are.

More about the residency projects.

More about the 2023 NaturArchy Residencies.

Catch up on the recordings of the presentations of residency.

Aug - Dec 2023 | Production

The SciArt Curatorial Committee will make a formal decision whether to go into production for each proposal. This will be followed by a new expert contract for the authors for the production and showing of the work.