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NaturArchy Residencies: The Entanglement of Desert Water BACK @ JRC Ispra

Of new landscapes on an ancient seabed, of energy needs and water conflicts.
Considering water mining for lithium on the Atacama salare Chile.

Penelope Cain continues her exploration of the Atacama desert, a site of contested saline ground water, reflecting on time in this area, past present and future, and researching on water health, the complexities of extraction and the rights and personhoods of bacteria and sea-creatures. 

Following also a research stay in Chile, during which she developed work for her project The Entanglement of Desert Water, and for the SACO Bienale 2023, she’ll return to the JRC for her second residency week 05 – 09 June, to connect to her counterparts here – Dr Alan Belward, the One Water Project, Dr Bernd Gawlik, Water Quality, Dr Graziano Ceddia, Sustainability Governance Impact Area. She’s still hoping to connect with researchers who work with satellites and underground water visualisation for her project – if interested, please get in touch !! 

During this week, on the 07/06, Penelope will also virtually participate to the EU Green Week 2023, on the panel: Human dimension of the Green Deal: skills and mind-set needed for the sustainability transition presenting her project as well as the wider NaturArchy framework as one of the methods to reconnect to and learn from nature, build community and  promote the right skills and mind-sets to accelerate the just green transition.

This residency is being conducted in the framework of Resonances IV on NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract

Atacama Desert - still from drone view
Atacama Desert still - person taking samples from lake amidst the rocks
Atacama Desert - still from drone view 5
Atacama Desert still - lake of water in front of mountains

Images: Snapshots from Penelope's time in Chile - credit: Penelope Cain, 2023 


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