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Penelope Cain @ SACO Biennal

The first phase of Resonances IV artist Penelope Cain's scientific-artistic research The Entanglement of Desert Water opened at the SACO Biennal on the 21/06/2023 with the dualscreen video, Antes del Aire Hubo Agua/ Before Air There Was Water. The work is a dual screen video storytelling the complexities of contested ground water in the Atacama Salare. 

This research is also being conducted in the framework of NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract.

More information on the release:

SACO Biennal:

Penelope Cain @ SACO Biennal:

Still of shrimp in brine water
Still of shots in the Atacama desert (arial view by drone and salt landscape))

Images: Stills from Penelope's research and video. Credits: Penelope Cain 


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