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Taming the Forest: an art-sci collaboration between JRC and the University of Nova Gorica

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Taming the Forest is a hybrid research process and established collaboration in the art-science domain, implemented within the framework of cooperation among students, artists and researchers of the School of Humanities and the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica. The video was created and exclusively produced as part of preparations for the Resonances IV SciArt Summer School by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission, in response to the theme and concept of NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract; with scientific input and involvement from JRC forest scientist Matteo Vizzarri who met with the team from Nova Gorica prior to the Summer School.

As a project, Taming the Forest showcases the constructive nature of collaborations which integrate artistic and scientific approaches, methodologies and semiotics, accounting for their differences. In the video, Taming the Forest provides an interpretation of archival sources about forest management in the Karst at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. At the same time, it also brings new findings about forest management during the afforestation of the Karst, and timely reflections on the human-nature relationship. The complexity of experiencing the forest is given both through maps and photographs as well as in original illustrations of local birds and records of their singing, complemented by images created with artificial intelligence. They are connected into a whole by a sound composition that intertwines with spoken theory on complex systems.

Watch the exclusive ArtSci production on NaturArchy, resulting from this collaboration, on Vimeo.

Taming the Forest 

Students: Tijana Mijušković (BA student), Abiral Khadka (MA student), Nikita Meden (PhD candidate)

Mentors: Kristina Pranjić, pETER Purg

University of Nova Gorica, School of Arts & School of Humanities

still from taming the forest video - close up of a forest with text caption
still from taming the forest video - close up of a forest
View of sky above a forest - still from Taming the Forest project

Images credits: Taming the Forest (2022) 

Taming the Forest
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