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NaturArchy Residencies: Ocean Connections @ JRC Ispra

From the 16/01 to 20/01 JRC SciArt will welcome artist Kristin Bergaust (OsloMet University) and her scientific collaborator, Guillermo García Sánchez (ICMAT) as the first of the upcoming art-science residencies which will further explore the topic of NaturArchy.

They will be conducting research for their project, Ocean Connections, which will investigate how mathematical modelling of sea currents can help us relate to the fjord, its living processes and lifeforms from perspectives not available to our human perceptions.


ocean connections
Image: Creative_connection_web (main illustration for the project). Left image made with Lagrangian Descriptor, by A. M. Mancho, J. Curbelo, S. Wiggins, V.J. Garcia-Garrido, C. Mendoza Beautiful Geometries Underlying Ocean Nonlinear Processes. Chapter in the book.  A Voyage Through Scales. Eds. Günter Blöschl, Hans Thybo, Hubert Savenije, Lois Lammerhuber. Publishers European Geophysical Union & Edition Lammerhuber (2015), right digital drawing by Kristin Bergaust Oslofjord contour: The Ugly Duckling

They will give an initial presentation of their work and project at the JRC. This presentation will be hybrid in format and Webex attendance will be possible.

Presentation details:

  • Jan 20 2023 ; 10:00am - 11:00am

  • JRC Ispra (on-site colleagues only) & Webex (open to externals with prior registration)

To receive the Webex connection details please

More about the project

The project wants to work with processes resulting from the flow of oceans in an experimental scientific and artistic collaboration, combining Guillermo’s mathematical modelling with Kristin’s artistic take on animation and visuality. Their research residencies will allow them to learn more about biodiversity in general and oceanic ecological conditions more specifically.


Kristin Bergaust is an artist, researcher and professor at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design in OsloMet. Guillermo García-Sánchez is a Scientist at the SpanishNational Research Council (CSIC) at the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT) in the Applied Mathematics department. Kristin and Guillermo first met and connected at the @SciArt Summer School on the topic of NaturArchy which took place in June 2022 at the JRC. Since then they have continued their collaboration to formulate a project proposal, a collaboration which also included a visit by Guillermo to the Oslo fjord with Kristin.


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