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Researchers, Policymakers & External Collaborators

These researchers and policymakers from the Joint Research Centre and the wider European Commission participated to the Resonances IV Summer School (June 2022).

They discussed, debated and challenged their views, exploring the topic of NaturArchy and engaging with the Artists

Michele d'Addetta

m d'addetta

Alan Belward

alan belward

Alba Bernini

alba_for web

Anna Berti Suman

anna berti suman

Danijela Brkovic

blank person

Caterina Cacciatori

caterina cacciatori

Michele Ceddia (aka Graziano)

graziano ceddia

Céline Charvériat

celine charveriat

Sandra Coecke

sandra coecke

Frank Dentener

frank dentener

Luca De Felice

luca de felice for web

Andrea Diaz Rincon


Grégoire Dubois

gregoire dubois

Eimear Farrell

eimear farrell

Guillermo García-Sánchez

Guillermo García Sánchez

Bernd Gawlik

bernd gawlik_for web

Giacomo Grassi

giacomo grassi

Irene Guerrero Fernández

irene guerrero

Isabelle Hupont Torres

isabelle hupont for web

Lucía Iglesias Blanco

lucia iglesias

Julian Keimer

julian keimer

Maciej Krystofowicz

maciej kryst

Jonah Lynch

jonah lynch_for web

Ana Montero Castaño

ana montero for web

Amanda Jane Ozin-Hofsaess

amanda jane

Ivan Penov

Ivan Penov

Jessica Ponti

jessica ponti for web

Antonio Puertas Gallardo

a p gallardo

Elahe Rajabiani

elahe rajabiani

Marisa Sarria Pereira De Passos

marisa sarria for web

Nikolaos Stilianakis


Giorgio Tessadri

giorgio tessadri

Mateusz Tokarski

mat tokarski

Andrea Valsesia

andrea valsesia for web

Saskia Vermeylen

saskia vermeylen for web

Diana Vieira

diana vieira for web resize 2

Matteo Vizzarri

matteo vizzarri

Marina Xenophontos

Marina Xenophontos.png