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Front Vacuo premiere @ at Volkstheater Wien

HUMANE METHODS [6XXX6] premiere at Volkstheater Wien

by Fronte Vacuo (Anna Cingi, Marco Donnarumma, Andrea Familari, Margherita Pevere)

The work of the performance group Fronte Vacuo, currently Artist in Residence at the Volkstheater until 2024, is a radical experiment with new forms of live art that combine movement, sound, technology, biology, video and storytelling. 

For the new project [6XXX6], Fronte Vacuo collaborates with set designer Anna Cingi to develop six new science fiction performances. At intervals of a few months, a new performance is created and premiered in the Volkstheater. The plays, specially conceived for six rooms in and around the Volkstheater, tell the saga of a broken future society searching for a respectful coexistence with nature and technology. The stories of this society become stage productions, street performances and performative installations in which the audience is immersed in more than real events. [6XXX6] is part of the HUMANE METHODS saga by Fronte Vacuo. 

More about the performance and upcoming shows: 

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