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NaturArchy Residencies 2023

Resident Artists Announced

The SciArt project is proud to announce the artists who will be awarded a residency period next year at any of the six sites of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC), as part of the Resonances IV initiative on the theme of NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract.

We were excited to receive 25 proposals for artworks which would delve deeper into one or more aspects of NaturArchy, after collaborations sparked between the artists selected from the Dec 2021 Open Callinterested researchers and policymakers at this year’s Summer School.

Out of these proposals a Curatorial Committee, comprised of art|science experts and members of the JRC SciArt team, as well as the Expert Board that provides counsel to the JRC SciArt project, has selected 15 artists to come and develop their research proposals further in view of production of an art-work developed together with their counterpart scientist(s) and policymaker(s)We were impressed by all the proposals we received and will continue to promote them in the coming months. 

As you will be able to explore, all these artists propose to engage in the theme of NaturArchy in transdisciplinary and original ways, interweaving science art and policy to develop discourse and narratives, widen perspectives and pose issues and challenges of re-imagining a common ground between humans, nature, and the environment.

Below you find a list and summary of the artists selected for residency and their proposals. 

Background Information


Resonances IV

Resonances IV is the fourth edition of the SciArt project’s main initiative which brings together artists, scientists and policymakers on topical matters for the JRC and wider EC, putting in resonance science, art and society.



NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract moves to give full legal personhood to Nature and its components, in an attempt to raise awareness towards the destruction that humans have already wreaked on the environment and bring humankind closer to the nonhuman world. In this way, the SciArt projects intends to enhance citizen engagement towards initiatives such as the EU Green Deal.