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NaturArchy Catalogue

The digital edition of the NaturArchy exhibition catalogue will be online at the moment it's presented, presumably in autumn of 2024.

Here you find a curated section for the JRC SciArt website, featuring texts from the catalogue/exhibition in a format for the web. 


NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract explores different ways of being in relation to the natural world. Embracing the arts for systemic change, this exhibition proposes to reconsider our attitudes towards nature and the non-human by probing issues of deep ecology, rights of nature, sustainability, decentering the human, and decolonising nature.

The art works on display provocatively call to re-imagine a sense of place and belonging in the world, to respond to the entangled and symbiotic between the human-environment relationship. They envision new possible connections and, where human interactions with their surrounding wonders are reconfigured, going beyond the exploitation that characterises our current relations with the natural world. 

Intersecting science and law, reason and style, art and judgment, policy and imagination, NaturArchy wants to re-imagine western relations of human and non-human, in an attempt to ensure legal personhood to Nature’s many wonders, be they stardust or DNA.

Within the framework of the exhibition the art work Compos[t]ing can be seen at the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels.