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Changing the Ground: SciArt talk series 2021-22

A talk series to reconsider our post covid world

From September 2021 to June 2022, the JRC SciArt project ran a series of conferences titled Changing the Ground , hosted by the European Union‘s School of Administration. Inspiring talks by artists, engineers, designers, philosophers, human scientists and scientists pointed out the opportunities of change opened up by covid-19 and thus the need to reconsider our post-covid worldview.

The series on the whole conveyed the message that to effectively change the ground we cannot rely solely on one discipline - science, art or technology. We need a more integrated and holistic approach to tackle contemporary societal problems. This series of talks - at times controversial, always thought-provoking - questioned existing paradigms with the hope to instil a new sense of interdependence between everybody with everything.

To change the ground is an important aspect of NaturArchy, the theme for Resonances IV discussed at the SciArt Summer School 2022, which aims to grant Nature a juridical personality and move away from western canons and dichotomies. 

Derrick de Kerckhove • Changing the Ground: Quantum Ecologies • 28/10/2021

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Michael John Gorman • What next for Science Communication in Times of Planetary Crisis? • 16/12/2021

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Francesca Ferrando • Who is Afraid of Artificial Intelligence? Posthumanism, Technology and Society • 20/01/2022

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Alexander Wendt • Quantum Theory as Critical Theory: Entanglement and the Politics of Social Physics • 10/02/2022

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Derrick de Kerckhove • Not the "Metaverse", the "Metacity" • 17/02/2022

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Nicola Triscott • Re-thinking Race, Identity and Migration: Cultural Inquiry as Curatorial Strategy • 17/03/2022

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Piero Dominici • Beyond Black Swans · Educating to unpredictability to inhabit hypercomplexity • 31/03/2022

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Ariane Koek • The Magic of Making Sense - the Future-Now of Art, Science and Technology • 19/05/2022

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Cristopher Watkin • Renewing our Mental Models with Michel Serres • 24/06/2022

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