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The Art + Science + Policy Nexus : now Published !

Check out The Art + Science + Policy Nexus by artist/researcher Dr Kat Austen FRSA, recently published on the JRC publications repository, by the Publications Office of the European Commision.

This report was the outcome of a scoping study by Dr Austen, commissioned by JRC SciArt and it explores activities at the nexus of art, science and policy. Drawing on examples from across Europe, these activities are presented in a preliminary typology of interaction between art-science and policy/policymakers. Routes for further research are identified, as are a set of recommendations for further understanding the art-science-policy landscape and the impact of these endeavours on both policy and broader societal challenges, with a focus on sustainability.

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How do cutting edge art-science initiatives intersect with policy? This scoping study surveys the landscape of the art-science-policy network, focussing on how and when art-science projects interact with policy and policymakers. What emerges is a diversity of channels by which learning and ideas from art-science make their way to policy – through policy briefs, events, exhibitions and more – but few programmes through which policymakers at any level actively participate in the genesis of project ideas or the creation of transdisciplinary works. Based on the scoping study research and drawing inspiration from methods of developing typologies of interdisciplinary collaboration, this study proposes a preliminary typology for action at the art-science-policy nexus, based on the direction of flow of knowledge – ie: the sharing of outcomes and findings from progammes via policy briefings, versus the cooperation of policymakers in expert groups for artist residencies. From this, routes forward are proposed for the next steps in understanding these activities in terms of their impact on policy and broader societal challenges, including in-depth longitudinal studies on the impact of participation in art-science-policy programmes and the tracing of recommendations from policy briefings into policy and funding priorities.

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Citation: Austen, K., The Art + Science + Policy Nexus, Benincasa, C. editor(s), Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2023, doi:10.2760/001452, JRC133132.


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