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Visiting Scientist at JRC SciArt | Dr. Sofia Greaves

The SciArt project is delighted to welcome and announce that we are currently hosting a Visiting Scientist, Dr. Sofia Greaves, Postgrowth researcher from the Postgrowth Innovation Lab(Vigo), who is currently exploring the potential of art-science collaborations to generate new narratives for innovation which go beyond capitalist values and the the logics of economic growth.

Sofia is conducting fieldwork at the JRC with a view to answering research questions such as: 

"What would Science, Technology and Innovation look like in a world not driven by the endless pursuit of economic growth? 

What exciting futures would begin to take shape if we harnessed technological and scientific advances for something other than growth alone? 

What new worlds might we be able to conceive if human wellbeing and the natural environment were the primary focus of innovation?” 

Sofia will be at the JRC Ispra from March 2023 until June 2023 and she is keen to interview as many participants as possible - researchers at the JRC, the participants of Naturarchy - to hear about their experiences. Please contact get in touch with JRC-RESONANCES@ec.europa.euif you feel happy to do this!

Sofia’s talk @ the JRC on 21/04/2023

Watch the recording of Sofia's talk

Sofia Greaves Bio 

Sofia Greaves Website 

Sofia Greaves @ Resilienze Festival Summer School | 09/06/2023

Scodavacca, Friulian Dolomites, 2020. Oil on board, 60 x 78 cm. © Sofia Greaves


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