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The JRC SciArt project was established in January 2016, with the objective of triggering innovation in research and bring together science, art and society. Strongly influenced by the JRC mission of doing science in support of policy, it gives scientists, artists and policymakers the opportunity to meet and work together. They discuss, investigate and explore the wide intersecting plains between art and science, with a tension towards impacting our collectivities.

Yet, in the first instance, the project tries to create a safe haven to freely roam possible worlds, pursue impossible projects and to embrace failure.

As such, it is part of the ongoing innovation of the JRC as service to the European citizen.

SciArt Project




The Art + Science + Policy Nexus : now Published !

Ever wondered what happens at the nexus of Art, Science and Policy? Check out this JRC publication by artist Kat Austen, which surveys the landscape of the art-science-policy network, focusing on how and when art-science projects interact with policy and policymakers.

ANTHOS @ NYU Abu Dhabi

Sam Nester presents the project Anthos at the NYU Abu Dhabi Center for Genomics and Systems Biology.